Full Region




Ascension Full Region:
Size: 256×256 (1×1)
Price: $10.00 a month
Prims: 45,000


Please send an email to mark.shadowblade@outlook.com that contains your Avatar’s Name, Region Name and the Estate Name. These names are different. Estates are required in order for a Region to be created. Multiple regions can be placed under one Estate. For example Ascension Estates is made up of 10 Regions: Ascension Grounds, Promised Land 1 and 2, Interrogation, Ascension Garden’s, Rejuvenation, Castle Ascension, Ascension Sea, Amorai, Ascension Commons.

Providing your Avatar Name, Estate Name, and Region Name helps make the region creation quicker. Any questions about this region type or our other types please IM Jason Ritchie in world.


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